Java Games

Parang Our first *feature length* java platformer/adventure game! Venture through the jungle collecting coins and avoiding danger. Can you make it to and destroy the heart of the jungle? Click Here to download Parang (Windows .exe) [Easiest] Click Here to download Parang (.jar in a .zip) [Will work on mac/linux] Special thanks to Connor Gregg for the artwork and Gary Burrell for the sounds/music! Parang

The Cave Is Dark

Click Here to download The Cave Is Dark(Windows only .exe [42MB])

The first game I ever made. Applets got limiting and I decided to give the LWJGL a try. 
Trying to make an entire game from absolutely nothing is hard work, and the 'physics' in game tend to reflect that. 
Regardless, it's a fun little playthrough. The sound and character models were created by Connor Gregg. 
The game revolves around an alien who has crash landed on earth. He can't find his spaceship, but he sees a cave in the distance. 
He decides to enter it. The cave is dark.

The cave is dark

Duck Dreams

Click Here to download Duck Dreams (Windows only .exe [5MB])

Duck Dreams was a "The Impossible Game" type game I made after The Cave Is Dark and before Parang. 
But I never got around to finishing audio assets or touching up the main menu. 
I also figured out too late the way that I wrote it made for the game to have some weird framerate issues every now and then that were mildy annoying. 
Regardless, It's very small and pretty entertaining. I finished this game years before the Flappy Bird trend thing ever even existed. 
Too bad I hadn't polished it up and pushed it out.... ($$$)

Duck Dreams

Dun-Gen - (A Pseudo-Random Dungeon Generator) Click Here to download Dun-Gen (.exe 3.6mb) Use W,A,S,D to move around the dungeons. My small pseudo-random dungeon generator. You can't do anything other than run around the dungeons; but it's fun to generate them and it was even more fun to write. A dungeon generator